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Casella’s Salumi (Hurleyville, NY)

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Casella’s Prosciutto -  2020 Good Food Award winner! Juicy, marbled meat, delicate and nutty.  

Casellas’ Cacciatorini Piccante - The cacciatorino came into existence in the end of the 19th century as the commuter friendly snack for Piemontese hunters, or cacciatori. Casella's “Piccante” is flavored with paprika and Calabrian chiles.  

Cesare Casella is an acclaimed restaurateur, consultant, author, and educator based in New York. He is best known as the chef with the rosemary — rarely without a small bouquet springing from his jacket pocket, representing his childhood in the Tuscan countryside. Growing up in Tuscany, one of Casella’s jobs was helping make the country-cured meats his family restaurant was famous for, and when he got older, he would help the norcini, the old-school butchers who traveled from farmer to farmer each winter, prepare the prosciutti. Today, as the prosciutto whisperer, he uses those Italian techniques to create cured-on-the-bone prosciutti.