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Anton Nocito

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Anton Nocito is Executive Chef of Porchlight, Cedric's at the Shed, and LoBall where he ensures that even if you are at a USHG watering hole, there are loads of delicious things to eat! Before taking over these culinary programs, Anton was a lead line cook with us.

What do you love most about Union Square Cafe? “The culture, comradery, food, and team.”

Favorite memory from Union Square Cafe? “I remember my first days working at Union Square Cafe and I still tell the story today to my team. I was on the 7am shift, working on my first cup of coffee and just getting my day started. All of a sudden, I hear a door swing open and someone yells out “Good morning everybody!” Everyone responds with a good morning. It happened so fast, I didn’t get a chance to see who it was. A little startled, I turned to the cook next to me and asked who that was. He said ‘Oh that was just PBB, he does that.’ The next morning, I’m looking through my low boy to see what I need for the day and BAM! I hear the door swing open and someone yells .“Good morning everybody!” The kitchen team responds again. I pop my head up above the counter and again I again miss spotting this PBB… After a week or so of this, I finally figured out that this was the GM. I also started to see how magical Union Square Cafe is. The culture that I experienced there is one I’ve tried to recreate at all of the businesses that I’ve been involved in since.”