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John Karangis

photo of John Karangis

Before leading the Shake Shack culinary team through dynamic, thoughtful, and strategic menu development to create best-in-class burgers, shakes, and fries, Shake Shack's Executive Chef and VP of Culinary Development John Karangis jump-started his culinary career working the line in the kitchens Gramercy Tavern and with us at here at Union Square Cafe! 

Favorite memory of Union Square Cafe? “It’s so difficult to choose just one memory or one moment when the entire three years I spent there were phenomenal. I was 20 years old when I began working at USC, and they were very important and formidable years for me personally and professionally. Many of my closest friends today were people I met while working there. Union Square Cafe has had a profound impact on me in so many incredibly positive ways.”

Most important thing you learned at Union Square Cafe? “The overwhelming thought, care, and detail that goes into trying to please people. When a group of dedicated people come together each and every day amazing things can and do happen.”